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Australian Box Office 6/11/11: We still love to be ‘In Time’

Australian Box Office 6/11/11: We still love to be ‘In Time’

They don't know how Amanda Seyfried does it...
Nov 7, 2011

In a quiet weekend at the box office, Sarah Jessica Parker’s new rom-com I Don’t Know How She Does It found itself in second place over the weekend with a haul just under $1 million, leaving reigning champ In Time at the top once again with $1.5m. Shakespearean conspiracy Anonymous just managed to scrape into the list in 9th position, while other new releases Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark and Our Idiot Brother failed to make the top 10.

Brad Pitt’s Moneyball finally hits our shores this week, along with French Christmas animation Santa’s Apprentice, horror Shark Night 3D and spy drama The Debt with Helen Mirren and Sam Worthington, based on an Israeli screenplay. The buzz around Pitt’s performance should see Moneyball perform well.


Film Title, Distributor, Box Office ($)

1. In Time, FOX, 1,547,701
2. I Don’t Know How She Does It, ROADSHOW, 919,070
3. Paranormal Activity 3, PARAMOUNT, 827,318
4. Midnight in Paris, eOne/HOPSCOTCH, 780,578
5. Contagion, WARNER BROS, 576,839
6. Warrior, ROADSHOW, 495,776
7. Real Steel, WALT DISNEY, 381,598
8. Drive, PINNACLE FILMS, 365,295
9. Anonymous, SONY PICTURES, 364,641
10. The Three Musketeers [2011], HOYTS, 347,267

Source: MPDAA

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