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There was a name change, long days and mostly good weather on set for Forbidden Ground (previously The Front), the latest film from Sydney-based Rebellion Pictures which wrapped up filming before Christmas. Cut Print Review caught up with Swedish-born co-director/writer/producer/actor Johan Earl on set in Wongarbon, NSW (18km south-east of Dubbo) almost midway into the 16-day location shoot, in an exclusive where we had a chat as Johan was in [...]

By on January 3, 2012

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 had no competition as expected, blowing even Moneyball completely out of the water. $12 million in takings saw no other new release enter the top 10 and the only change saw The Debt jump up ahead of Shark Night 3D.

By on November 23, 2011

Moneyball claimed top honours on debut with takings of $1.3 million, knocking In Time off after two weeks. The rest of the top five remained steady in their positions, while other debuts Shark Night 3D and The Debt shook up the bottom half even though neither made over $400,000.

By on November 16, 2011

In a quiet weekend at the box office, Sarah Jessica Parker’s new rom-com I Don’t Know How She Does It found itself in second place over the weekend with a haul just under $1 million, leaving reigning champ In Time at the top once again with $1.5m. Shakespearean conspiracy Anonymous just managed to scrape into the list in 9th position, while other [...]

By on November 7, 2011

In Time was the clear winner of the new films this week, earning $2.38m to take out first place at the Australian Box Office. The two others that made the top 10 weren’t a surprise but gained little fanfare, Warrior on $706,000 on mainstream release and Cannes favourite Drive, on $466,000 on limited. Paranormal Activity 3, [...]

By on November 1, 2011

To coincide with National Carer’s Week and Mental Health Month, a project by health industry groups including the Far West Local Health District will have seen six audiences across western NSW and Victoria by the tour’s end to raise awareness of carers in the state’s community. The short documentary Intangible details stories of seven carers as they see their situation, and the screening in Dubbo was graced by guest speaker [...]

By on October 28, 2011

For those of you readers who are unaware, Cut Print Review now has a presence in regional NSW. Dubbo to be exact. My move here is now a month in and already there’s a decent chunk of film-related events going on.

By on October 17, 2011

The opening cries of “Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba” to a rising sun still sends shivers down the spine almost 20 years after The Lion King’s initial release. Anyone lucky enough to attend a screening during the 2011 release will likely remember the revisit for the ambience as much as the film. Children of a new generation experiencing it for the first time, feeble singing coming from the person in the [...]

By on October 10, 2011
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