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News from the Central West

News from the Central West

Cut Print Review goes wesssside
Oct 17, 2011

For those of you readers who are unaware, Cut Print Review now has a presence in regional NSW. Dubbo to be exact. My move here is now a month in and already there’s a decent chunk of film-related events going on.

It was with a heavy heart from this end of the country that I found out about the arrest of Marzieh Vafamehr from My Tehran for Sale, seeing Seven Adelaide’s report on the Sydney bulletin before Daily Liberal’s own mention. No one should have to go through what she’s about to face for doing what she loves. And I’m sure the SA Film Corporation/Adelaide Film Festival won’t back down from continuing to fund strong local features in the wake of this unfortunate event.

To happier news, and here in the Central West we’ve had a week of open air cinema at major historical attraction Old Dubbo Gaol, as part of October’s inaugural DREAM Festival. It’s a group of activities that promote major Dubbo (and surrounding) locations and show the region’s cultural strength. The Gaol’s a great place to host a Moonlight-style event and the week’s line-up has been a general but diverse mix. Priscilla: Queen of the Desert beat The Castle and Gallipoli for favourite Australian film on a Facebook poll by one vote… the other films were Walk The Line, Chocolat, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Black Swan and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which has proven most popular in ticket sales. Luckily all the recent rain has held off for good crowds, and if the DREAM Festival returns in 2012, coordinator Paige Williams told me she was confident short or foreign films could be on the agenda.

On the job I’ve also been in contact with Denai Gracie, producer at independents Rebellion Pictures. They’re filming part of their First World War-themed feature in Dubbo in December and looking for 15 men later this month to act as featured extras in a range of capacities. Gracie said they need to be able to get their hands dirty.

“There was a variety of men on the front line back then, and we want guys who can hold great facial expressions, run through mud and hold a gun,” she said.

They’ll be blowing up the family property of former local and cast member Sarah Mawbey, and Gracie’s looking forward to working with producers who “just want to play with guns and explosives for two weeks”.

If you know any average 18-40 year olds in the region who must agree to rid themselves of facial hair (a casting request), send them to The Matilda Motor Inn (Coolabah room), Darling St Dubbo from 10am-12noon on Saturday October 29. Forward any enquiries to denai[at]rebellionpictures.com.au.

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