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Australian Box Office 30/10/2011: JT not just NSync but In Time for top spot

Australian Box Office 30/10/2011: JT not just NSync but In Time for top spot

Even a warrior couldn't beat the star power of this duo
Nov 1, 2011

In Time was the clear winner of the new films this week, earning $2.38m to take out first place at the Australian Box Office. The two others that made the top 10 weren’t a surprise but gained little fanfare, Warrior on $706,000 on mainstream release and Cannes favourite Drive, on $466,000 on limited. Paranormal Activity 3, Midnight in Paris, and Contagion, were strong in positions two, three and four respectively.

This week has an interesting mix of releases, with a few strong contenders that could take top spot. Shakespeare gets the conspiracy theory treatment in Anonymous, Guy Pearce gores up for Guillermo del Toro-produced Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, and fashion photography strikes a pose in Bigpond Adelaide Film Festival-screened Bill Cummingham: New York.
The biggest chances however are rom-com-ensemble I Don’t Know How She Does It and Paul Rudd’s latest offering Our Idiot Brother.


Film Title, Distributor, Box Office ($)

1. In Time, FOX, 2,388,571
2. Paranormal Activity 3, PARAMOUNT, 1,812,135
3. Midnight in Paris, eOne/HOPSCOTCH, 1,063,978
4. Contagion, WARNER BROS, 992,518
5. Warrior, ROADSHOW, 706,429
6. Real Steel, WALT DISNEY, 704,912
7. The Three Musketeers [2011], HOYTS, 594,534
8. Drive (Cannes Review), PINNACLE FILMS, 466,384
9. Crazy, Stupid, Love, WARNER BROS, 420,599
10. The Cup, ROADSHOW, 325,034

Source: MPDAA

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