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Welcome to Cut, Print, Review!

Welcome to Cut, Print, Review!

Sep 15, 2008

Hello fellow movie lovers,

Welcome to the newly opened movie review website Cut, Print Review!
If you are reading this, then kudos to you for finding your way here already!

As you may have noticed, the paint on the  walls at Cut Print, Review is still drying, so expect things to be continually changing and being updated. Hopefully though all will be up and running soon! Tell us what you think so far and leave some site feedback in the comments below!

Aside from fellow movie reviewers, I’m currently looking for folks interested in posting movie news/previews or just general film related ramblings for our site. If you think that’s you, please fill out the form below as i’d love to hear from you!

Anders .

p.s Make sure you bookmark us before heading off to bigger and better review sites! I’ll pass your IP address on to a stalker if you don’t…

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Date Published: September 15th, 2008
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