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Green Lantern (Video Review)

Green Lantern (Video Review)

Aug 15, 2011
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Green Lantern
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy Release Date: 11/08/2011 Runtime: 114 minutes Country: USA


Director:   Writer(s): 
Greg Berlanti

Michael Green

Marc Guggenheim

Michael Goldenberg

Greg Berlanti

Michael Green

Marc Guggenheim

Cast: , , , , ,
Green Lantern (Video Review), reviewed by Anders Wotzke on 2011-08-15T13:39:11+00:00 rating 2.0 out of5

I don’t read comics. I might have flicked through The Adventures of Tintin once, but that’s about the extent of it. My ignorance, however, has never been much of a problem when it comes to reviewing comic-adapted movies, if only because a majority of them feature superheroes iconic enough that I haven’t needed to read a single issue to know who’s who or what’s what.

Then comes along Green Lantern, a comic-book movie I could have easily confused for an Irish Pub. Before Hal Jordan’s big-screen debut was announced, I’d never heard of the guy. And now, having sat through the confused mess that is Green Lantern, I don’t mind if I never hear of him again.

Why? Watch my video review to find out:

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