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Australian Box Office 4/9/2011: Horrible Bosses still on top

Australian Box Office 4/9/2011: Horrible Bosses still on top

Confused Miss Stone? You have reason...
Sep 9, 2011

New civil rights drama The Help couldn’t threaten Horrible Bosses in its second week, with the comedy managing over $2.1 million to stay well afloat of the uncompromising Red Dog, now almost at $13 million – a huge positive for Australian film. Other new releases Final Destination 5 and One Day also made top-ten debuts, while Chalet Girl performed well under expectation.

The only new threat to Horrible Bosses this week would come from buddy comedy The Change-Up, man-of-the-moment Jason Bateman’s newest release. The kiddies should be drawn to Kevin James comedy Zookeeper.


Film Title, Distributor, Box Office ($)

1. Horrible Bosses, WARNER BROS, 2,174,511
2. Red Dog, ROADSHOW, 1,659,278
3. The Help, WALT DISNEY, 1,046,311
4. Final Destination 5, WARNER BROS, 965,774
5. Friends With Benefits, SONY PICTURES, 748,198
6. Cowboys & Aliens, PARAMOUNT, 651,737
7. Rise of the Planet of the Apes, FOX, 585,458
8. One Day, UNIVERSAL, 569,098
9. The Guard, PARAMOUNT, 295,415
10. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, WARNER BROS, 278,941

Source: MPDAA

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