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Produced by Timur Bekmambetov — director of Day Watch, Night Watch and Wanted — and helmed by Gonzalo López-Gallego in his first American feature, Apollo 18 follows the story of a fictional post-Apollo 17 trip to the moon in 1972 that goes seriously awry. It was therefore never brought to the attention of the public… until now, of course!

From my analysis of the trailer, I’ve gathered we can expect lots [...]

By on February 24, 2011

Of the week’s new releases, Dreamworks’ Gnomeo and Juliet spoke to romantics and animation fans alike with almost $2m in takings over the weekend, while the Liam Neeson thriller Unknown was hot on its heels with almost $1.7m. Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son didn’t fare as well with takings under $1m, putting it in fifth, while the Nicole Kidman-starring drama Rabbit Hole failed to make any [...]

By on February 22, 2011

New openers No Strings Attached and 127 Hours each performed well over the weekend with a haul of $2.2m and $1.2m respectively, pulling ahead of the Colin Firth drama The King’s Speech and the psychological thriller Black Swan, both of which are demonstrating serious staying power. The biggest tumble came in the form of Russell Crowe’s thriller The Next Three [...]

By on February 15, 2011

The Australian underwater thriller Sanctum opened this week to $1.59m in box office receipts, a disappointing result given its high profile and inflated 3D ticket prices. It lost out to Darren Arnonofsky’s Black Swan, which held onto top spot with an impressive third week haul of $1.83m. The Russell Crowe thriller The Next Three Days and Dwayne Johnson vehicle Faster didn’t make much of a splash in [...]

By on February 8, 2011

A sigh of immense relief. That would’ve been the first reaction for Henry Cavill as the world was let in on the latest superhero secret. At the announcement the Englishman is to be the next Superman (in yet another reboot of the franchise), months of speculation have finally come to a close, and now Cavill can breathe easy knowing his shot has finally come.

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