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The September Issue (Review)

The September Issue (Review)

An intimate look at the world of Vogue
Aug 25, 2009
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The September Issue
Genre: Documentary Release Date: 20/08/2009 Runtime: 90 minutes Country: USA


Director:  R.J. Cutler Cast: Charles Churchward, Hamish Bowles, Jill Demling, Oscar de la Renta, Patrick DeMarchelier, Sarah Brown
The September Issue (Review), reviewed by Alexandra Blue on 2009-08-25T00:26:43+00:00 rating 4.5 out of5

The September Issue is a documentary which follows Anne Wintour the Chief Editor of Vogue magazine through the fascinating process of creating the September Issue. Simply put, its brilliant. Whether you love Vogue or  have never heard of it, this is still a very enjoyable film. Fashionistas will be in fashion heaven, and for those that prefer their trackies and sneakers will probably find the film humorous, and insightful into a whole new world of beautiful.

 The September Issue (Review)

Wintour has a huge reputation, a legend to some extent, which ranges from the ice queen as portrayed in The Devil Wears Prada, to the ‘most powerful woman in the United States’, according to one devotee. Wintour is an entity herself, and the film gives an insightful glimpse to the real Anna Wintour. I had no idea the extent of her reign, but as the film reveals, what people wear really is determined by this one amazing woman. I personally loved Wintour, especially for her bluntness which surely gave rise to the fearsome reputation. However you also see the charming side of her, and what makes her so successful, which she attributes to ‘decisiveness’ – a description so accurate I’m sure no one could contest.

In terms of documentaries, September Issue is as good as they get. With a fast pace, short and snappy segments of interviews, beautiful cutaways, upbeat music and a touch of humour, this film can be appreciated by those who usually keep their distance from the doco genre. Some other intriguing characters also emerge throughout the film, including Grace Coddignton, the Creative Director who works closely with Wintour, and like many, often clashes with her. Coddingtons’ photographic creations alone are enough to warrant watching the film. Anyone who is remotely interested in photography or journalism must see this film to observe this amazing process of creation. Most importantly, the film reveals a very intimate look at the world of Vogue which until now has remained completely hidden and only spoken of as mythology and mystery.

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