I doubt Bill George is a name that springs to mind when you think of blockbuster movies franchises such as Indiana Jones or Pirates of the Caribbean, but in an age where visuals effects are king, it probably should.  For over 30 years, George has helped create a bevy of cinema’s most magical moments as both a Model Maker and Visual Effects Supervisor [...]

By on July 5, 2011

On this, the 13th episode of Film Spiel, Anders and Dave tackle PIRATES OF CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES (even though Dave only saw it in 2D) before a major brawl breaks out as the pair discuss SNOWTOWN and there’s pretty much, and rather fittingly, blood on the walls. Then Dave nips [...]

By on May 20, 2011

Back in 2003, when Johnny Depp wearing eyeliner still conjured up images of Edward Scissorhands, Hollywood producer Jerry Bruckheimer teamed up with Disney to turn a tired old Disneyland ride in to one of the most profitable movie franchises in history.

It was, of course, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Cure of the Black Pearl: a fun, funny and invigoratingly fresh film that represented everything a blockbuster movie should be. The [...]

By on May 18, 2011

Harry Potter is about a nerdy 10 year-old boy who is informed by a wise and powerful wizard that he is the ‘chosen one’ fated to stop an evil force from taking over the world. In contrast, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is about a nerdy 10 year-old boy who is informed by a wise and powerful sorcerer that he is the ‘Prime Merlinian’ fated to stop an evil force [...]

By on September 1, 2010
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