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Super 8 (Video Review)

Super 8 (Video Review)

Hail to the king
Jun 8, 2011
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Super 8
Genre: Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller Release Date: 09/06/2011 Runtime: 112 minutes Country: USA


Director:   Writer(s): 
J.J. Abrams

Cast: Elle Fanning, Gabriel Basso, Joel Courtney, Kyle Chandler, Noah Emmerich, Riley Griffiths, Ron Eldard, Ryan Lee, Zach Mills
Super 8 (Video Review), reviewed by Anders Wotzke on 2011-06-08T22:41:20+00:00 rating 3.5 out of5

Super 8 isn’t a prequel or a sequel, a remake or a reboot, but nor is it what you’d call an original. No, it’s very much a homage; a reel of reverence that writer/director J.J. Abrams (Mission: Impossible III, Star Trek) has addressed, with handwritten hugs and kisses, to the modern master of movie magic, Steven Spielberg (E.T. The Extra-terrestrial, Jaws).

But does Super 8 offer much more than a blast from the past? Debatably not, no. As elements of nostalgia become instances of déjà vu, it becomes difficult to view the film as anything but a respectful and well-crafted acclamation of Spielberg’s career. Still, while the line between inspiration and imitation blurs, what remains crystal clear is that Super 8 has been made with nothing but the purest of intentions: to entertain. And entertain it does.

For a more complete (albeit far less decorous) review of Super 8, watch the  embedded video below: