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By on September 17, 2008 in Opening films

You just had to go and do it again, didn’t you Pixar? We see you there, perched high on your mighty throne, checking the gaps of your teeth in the golden reflection of your 13th Academy Award. We notice that arrogant little smirk on your face as you glance down upon DreamWorks as they offer up to the Academy that mildly entertaining animation of theirs called Kung Fu Panda. After reminding them who’s boss last year with Ratatouille, you just couldn’t let them get away thinking this would be their year… just this once. Maybe you should stop being so greedy, Pixar, as you’ve already got more Academy Awards than you do films. I don’t think many production studios can boast that one around the water cooler. So why’d you have to go and make Wall-E; easily the most ingenious, heart-warming and visually remarkable film of your career? Oh wait, I think I just answered that for you.

By on September 15, 2008 in Movie Reviews
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Artist, The
"Lights, camera, ACTION!"
- Tom Clift
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