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New Release Movies 11/11/10: Skyline, The American, Machete

New Release Movies 11/11/10: Skyline, The American, Machete

Opening in cinemas across Australia...
By Alex Lindsey Jones
Nov 11, 2010

Opening in cinemas across Australia this week we finally get Robert Rodriguez’s Machete film based on the bad-ass trailer from his Grindhouse project, George Clooney’s new adult thriller The American, the latest alien invasion flick Skyline and more.

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machete poster 150x150 New Release Movies 11/11/10: Skyline, The American, MacheteMACHETE

Genre: Action
Rating : (MA+15) Strong Violence
Running Time: 106 min
Director: Robert Rodriguez
Cast: Danny Trejo, Robert Deniro, Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan, Steven Seagal

Official Website: Link:

Studio’s Synopsis:

After being betrayed by the organization who hired him, an ex-Federale launches a brutal rampage of revenge against his former boss.

Worth seeing?

For anyone who actually saw the Tarantino/Rodriguez Grindhouse double feature Machete is long overdue. Based on one of the fake trailers from this project, Machete most likely went into production after an overwhelming response from fans. Reviews are surprisingly positive and this would make for a great boys night out on Friday night. Oh! and did I mention it has a sword fight between Steven Seagal and Robert Deniro! That surely is worth the price of a ticket right there. (Rotten Tomatoes Rating)

Box Office Predictions:

A modest 26 million take in it’s homeland, Machete could pull in 2-3 mil locally. This will easily be more profitable than the ambitious Grindhouse double feature which just couldn’t find an audience in cinemas.