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Poll Results: Most Overrated Film of 2008

Poll Results: Most Overrated Film of 2008

We let the readers decide...
Jan 31, 2009

At the start of this month I unveiled what I thought to be the 5 most underrated films of 2008. Naturally this begs another question; what is the most overrated films of the last year? Instead of writing an article, I took it to a poll. Obviously not every acclaimed or popular film was an option, but I think the poll covered most bases.

After 32 votes, here are the results!


[poll id="7"]


Tropic Thunder easily topped the poll, which I tend to agree with. Whilst Downey Jr. and Tom Cruise were great, the rest of the film was not nearly as good as many claimed it to be.

In second place is the Oscar favourite Slumdog Millionaire. This comes as no surprise, as a film so widely raved about is always going to have a more outspoken dissenting minority.

In equal third place is Iron Man, which was my vote on the poll. As a summer popcorn flick, it was a bit of fun, but I never quite understood the high praise this film received.  Once again, Robert Downey Jr. was the best part of this film. Yet the overall story, the climax and supporting cast were all sub-par, especially when compared to its comic rival The Dark Knight. Coincidently, The Dark Knight also had 4 votes to its name, expected for a film that had so much buzz surrounding it.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which I expected to rank much higher, has only 3 votes. The films select target audience lead me to believe it would not be as popular as many of the other films on the list. However, it’s good to be wrong.

Frost/Nixon got 2 votes (which I think is overrated), Wall-E and Revolutionary Road got 1. Gus Van Sant’s Milk escaped the poll entirely, possibly because it only made it’s way into Australian cinemas last Thursday.


With the Oscar’s coming up, of course this next poll was going to be about predictions! But I’d rather not be conventional and go with a Best Actor or Best Picture poll, instead I would like to see what film people think will take the Best Cinematography Oscar.

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Date Published: January 31st, 2009
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