The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn (Review 2)

Based on the timeless Belgian comics by Hergé, directed by Steven Spielberg, produced by Peter Jackson (The Lord of the Rings) and brought to life using the same motion capture technology popularized by Robert Zemeckis (The Polar Express) and perfected by James Cameron (Avatar), The Adventures of Tintin bears, in theory, all the promise of a cinematic event. Not so in execution. Part gumshoe mystery, part animated Indiana Jones, [...]

By on January 3, 2012
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Now that we’ve collectively agreed Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull never happened, let us return to fawning over Steven Spielberg for that kind of “gee whiz, let’s do that again!” giddiness you get from watching movies like The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn. The director might be working from a collection of mid-20th century comics by Belgian artist Hergé, but this is undeniably [...]

By on December 22, 2011

Operating under the misguided belief that enough time has passed since Barry Sonnenfeld’s abysmal Wild Wild West in the late nineteen nineties, director John Favreau takes a break from the Iron Man franchise to deliver a genre hybrid that, unfortunately, is as uninspired and obvious as its silly title suggests. Combining the most generic elements of both the western and the sci-fi genres, Cowboys & [...]

By on August 24, 2011

Update: Sorry, this competition has ended. Winner announced below!

Want to see Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford beat up some martians in the genre-mashing Cowboys & Aliens before everyone else in Australia? Well if you live in SA, then you’re in luck! Thanks to Paramount Pictures, we have 15 double passes to give away to an exclusive preview screening of Cowboys & Aliens in Adelaide.

To be in the draw to win, [...]

By on August 4, 2011

The title of this new movie from Iron Man 2 director Jon Favreau really sums up what Cowboys & Aliens promises to be all about. Take the hard boiled action star of the latest Bond films, Daniel Craig (Quantum of Solace), and the grizzled veteran of the 20th Century’s most iconic adventure-blockbusters ever, Harrison Ford, and drop them into the middle of the old American wild [...]

By on December 8, 2010

After Mission Impossible’s Tom Cruise appeared earlier this year as a ridiculous one-eyed turncoat Nazi in Valkyrie, it seems only fitting to now see the latest James Bond embody the role of a ridiculously blue-eyed Eastern European Jew in Definace. Daniel Craig has taken the switch from shaken martinis to homebrewed vodka well; based on a true story, Defiance sees Craig pull all the right emotional punches to create a captivating wartime drama,  partly making up for all the wrong ones he pulled in Quantum of Solace.  It might not be as hard hitting as The Pianist, or as action packed as Saving Private Ryan (it’s certainly as long), but there’s something oddly refreshing about a film sits defiantly in the middle.

By on April 21, 2009
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