I don’t think it was particularly unreasonable of me to assume that in Clash of the Titans – a remake of the 1981 stop-motion epic that has aged about as well as everything from the 80s – there was going to be a few instances where Titans would, in fact, clash. It turns out, however, I was expecting too much; not once does the film live up to its title. And the disappointments don’t end there.

By on April 1, 2010

Defying the sceptic inside all of us, James Cameron’s long-awaited sci-fi epic Avatar does the impossible by actually living up to the lofty expectations set by the director’s own inflated ego and the record-breaking success of his previous endeavour Titanic. Coating classic romanticism with breathtaking 3D visuals, Avatar transports us to another world for 162 minutes of sensory bliss, a place difficult to leave once the credits roll. Every cent of the film’s $300+ million budget can be accounted for, and I’m betting every cent will be recouped in box-office takings before the new year.

By on December 14, 2009

There’s something to be said about the fact that Terminator Salvation is directed by a man called McG. Call me prejudice, but when the name of a film’s director sounds like a new burger offering from McDonalds, it’s hard not to go in expecting ‘junk food’ cinema. You know the type; a big-budget-in-your-face-action-packed blockbuster with added cheese. Sure enough, Terminator Salvation is a big-budget-in-your-face-action-packed blockbuster with so much cheese you might as well bring along some crackers. But as with all junk food, no matter how much you know it’s bad for you, you can’t help but enjoy it anyway.

By on May 30, 2009
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