There is a moment in the middle of Midnight in Paris where Gil Penders, the films’ leading man and a hopeless romantic, muses that no work of art can equal the beauty of a great city. Just as Isaac felt about New York in Manhattan, or Vicki and Cristina felt about the Spanish capital in Vicki, Cristina, Barcelona, Gil is enamoured with the great French city from whence this film [...]

By on October 25, 2011

It’s always a tricky act to make a movie about real-life leaders, especially if they are still fresh in people’s memories. Oliver Stone didn’t quite pull it off in his George W. Bush biopic W., despite having greater success with past biopics like Nixon and JFK. In The Special Relationship, however, director Richard Loncraine (My One and Only) and writer Peter Morgan (Frost/Nixon) succeeded beyond my expectations in portraying the very unique and compelling relationship between two former powers, UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and US President Bill Clinton.

By on August 3, 2010

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By on July 23, 2010
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