The road to happiness is not an easy one. In the new comedy Horrible Bosses from director Seth Gordon (Four Holidays), three friends find that their respectively unbearable bosses are huge obstacles on that road. They have a simple solution. Murder their bosses. What could go wrong?

The answer, of course, is everything.

The film follows three initially separate story lines. Jason Bateman (Paul) is Nick Hendricks, a corporate salary man who [...]

By on August 24, 2011

‘Happy’ is a lovely, jovial word that becomes something quite vile and abhorrent when followed by the word ‘Madison’.  If you didn’t know, Happy Madison is Adam Sandler’s very own production company, an amalgamation of Sandler’s 90s hits Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison. The company ostensibly came about in 1999 when Sandler began to observe the rising success of spam emails, realising that the very same distribution model and quality [...]

By on March 28, 2011

After weeks and weeks of sordid speculation by all major celebrity glossies, gossipists the world over can now contain themselves with the knowledge that any steamy romance between Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston was either non existent or just not at all hot. I say this to you now in review of the couple’s efforts in their new film The Bounty Hunter, the latest rom-com to fall off the Hollywood production line and be shot into the air by marketing cannons that promised hilarity and hot action. Unfortunately for Aniston and Butler, their onscreen chemistry together is about as romantically inciting and as charismatic as the last two slices of white bread, falling over each other at the bottom of the plastic bag – stale, tasteless and definitely worse for you than it looks. On first thought, their star power seems like a big enough draw-card for a trip to the movies but proves to be the only bankable aspect of this production.

By on March 18, 2010
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