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2011 Alliance Francaise French Film Festival Opening Night

2011 Alliance Francaise French Film Festival Opening Night

Mar 26, 2011

With the hype and excitement of the 2011 Bigpond Adelaide Film Festival over, film buffs are now looking forward to the stream of foreign film festivals over the course of the year. Screening 46 films over 19 days, the French offering is the first to hit our shores boasting Australia’s biggest foreign festival program. Promising an accessible mix of films, there’s a lot of expectation – but the French rarely disappoint.

The opening night in Adelaide at Palace EastEnd Cinemas saw sponsors, media and personalities join to hear about what audiences can expect over the next three weeks. Comfortable with champagne and trendy showbags in hand, Alliance Francaise’s Philippe Marse spoke on his experience with the French Film Festival over its 11 years before it was announced it would be his last festival as Director. South Australian Premier and Minister for the Arts Mike Rann then kept it professional as he expressed his love for the history and national culture of French cinema.

Potiche (3.5/5) as the featured film complimented Premier Rann’s statements with the pairing of beloved French veterans Catherine Deneuve and Gerard Depardieu in a story about embracing life. With the film warmly received, the Palace Cinema foyer became home to the after-party indulgence in the Palace Cinemas foyer. It was oh-so-French as croissants, duck croquettes and tuna caviar were enjoyed with French wine. It was a symbolic taste of what Adelaide audiences can expect as the foreign invasion for 2011 begins.

Katina Vangopoulos was among the media persons invited by the 2011 Alliance Francaise French Film Festival to attend the Opening Night presentation.

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Date Published: March 26th, 2011
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